Trust in Digital Life's (TDL) is hosting this exciting multi-disciplinary personal data event, in collaboration with Edinburgh-based The ID Co. at the Informatics Forum in Edinburgh.

Unlike other GDPR-focused events, Whose Data Is It Anyway? will discuss and debate the present-day regulations alongside the realities associated with privacy and the use of personal data and look to understand how potential conflicts of interest can be avoided in the future, particularly in the context of open banking.

The objective of the one-day event is to leave with a better understanding of what the world might look like three to five years after the new regulations have been in force from the perspectives of all stakeholders.

If you are responsible for other people’s personal data or concerned what the future might hold, this event is for you.


Keynote: Principles and reality – what’s important and what isn’t?

The impact of PSD2 for consumers and businesses

A high-level view of GDPR with a focus on key areas of contention

Consumers and Business: how are we going to achieve and manage a win-win?

Start-ups: how can innovation flourish without the resources of the corporates to interpret and implement the regulations?

Where will we be in three to five years? Are there actions we can take today to get to where we want to be?